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Connections, Juried Exhibit at 6 Bridges Gallery

6 Bridges Gallery presents Connections, their Second Annual Juried Exhibit, July 11 – August 12, 2017. In this exhibit, 24 Artists reveal the connections that define our lives and the world in which we live—whether tangible or intangible, strong as steel or ethereal as the finest silk thread.

Reception on July 15th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Connections  artists includes work by the following artists: Jess Barnett, Julia Berkley, Caroline Casey, Evan Charney, Gail Coito, Autumn Doyle, Evan Fable, Stacy Friedman, Douglass Gray, Kim Gulino, Paul Hitchen, Linda Hoffman, Amanda Kidd Schall, Joel Moskowitz, Gillian Orlinsky, Samantha Pasapane, Rudi Pizzi, Michelle Poirier, Spencer Robinson, Karen Rothman, Rebecca Skinner, Judith Stein, Caron Tabb, Kim Triedman.